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The Working Day

The Benefits of Personal Outsourcing

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A few months ago, I wrote a brief post about the benefits of personal outsourcing. I explained how outsourcing some of your personal tasks — specifically those that you’re not fond of AND those that someone else can do more cost effectively — can help free up some of your time and enable you to become a more profitable and focused freelancer.

Many of you commented on how helpful the ideas were. You even asked for more suggestions on other tasks that could conceivably be outsourced. So I was asked to write a second post with a more exhaustive list of potentially “outsourceable” tasks.

Glad to do that. But first, I want to clarify a misconception I often hear when the topic of personal outsourcing comes up: the claim that paying someone else to take care of your personal responsibilities is a sign of laziness.

The idea behind personal outsourcing is to farm out tasks that you do not enjoy AND add little to no value to your life.

That comment misses the point. The idea behind personal outsourcing is to farm out tasks that you do not enjoy AND add little to no value to your life. Tasks that, when outsourced, can add productive time to your busy week.


Making Remote Working Work Each Day

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After nearly five months, I’m now convinced: remote working is the best working arrangement I’ve ever had.

Living in different cities, finding inspiration in a constantly changing environment and always meeting new people sure is sweet. It’s not without challenges though, and my Remote Working Works for Freelancers post lead to some interesting questions.

How do you find accommodation? How do you manage client demands? How do you find work? I’ve taken the time to answer these questions–plus a few others–to help other aspiring freelancers make remote working a success.

Before we get started, be sure to check out my Remote Working Works for Freelancers post for tips on preparation, tools, management and some insights into why remote working can be so effective (and fun). When you’re done, read on.

Finding appropriate cities

In a world like ours, this is the easy part. There are so many amazing places to discover, and the decision on where to work from is very much like deciding where to take a holiday. The only additional requirement, of course, is decent Internet access. If you like the sound of a place, if it’s affordable and you’re confident of being online as often as required, why not get up and go there?


4 Simple Guidelines to Becoming More Social While Maintaining Your Success

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I wanted to keep my success, but I knew changes had to be made to live a more social lifestyle. One night I sat down in my office and came up with 4 simple guidelines that would improve my social life, while also maintaining my freelance success.

1. Sleep at night, work during the day.

This seems like a no-brainer, right? Wrong. For the single freelancer, a normal sleep schedule can be very tough to maintain. I was stuck in a late night/early morning work routine for a very long time. I would usually sleep from noon to 8:00 p.m. It’s tempting to work long hours late into the night, but you can’t maintain a social life if everyone you know is sleeping while you’re awake!

Make a concerted effort to work during the day and be in bed by midnight every night. You’ll be more available for your friends and clients, and you will inevitably be much happier socially.


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