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The Working Day

Making Definitive Work Life Changes

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After returning from a few days away, I’m mentally recharged. But after a quick email check this morning—the first since I got home—I have to say, I feel all of the old pressures creeping back in.

There are deadlines to be met. Clients who admit they left things on their desks for days but want me to have it done ASAP. Just getting back into the whole pace of it all is a little overwhelming. And since I’m trying to reformat the way I work and the clients I accept, I’m really trying not to fall into old work habits.

Here are some tips for change that I hope will help you even if you’re not coming back from a much-needed vacation…even if you’re just looking to make adjustments in your work life!

Evaluate the need. What do you want to change about your work life? For me, I want to get better-paying clients and stop rushing so much. I’ve cut down on other work to make way for new projects. And when I feel myself getting rushed or overwhelmed, I stop and remind myself that I don’t have to work that way. You can change anything you want about your work life—the key is to identify what you want to change and take small steps in order to change it.


9 Tips to Get Old-School Organised with a Filing Cabinet

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I have the memory of a fish, things go in one ear and straight out the other. So it’s comforting to me that my filing cabinet remembers all the things that I forget.

Though life is getting more digital by the day, nothing beats having an ordered set of physical files that you can actually thumb through, a place where hard drive failures and viruses have no jurisdiction.

Sure filing cabinets may not be the sexiest office equipment you ever buy, but a good cabinet is like the super hero sidekick you always wished you had.

Here are 9 tips to get your filing cabinet kicking butt and taking names:


Work on Hold – Sort Of

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a break this weekend, this aching wrist is a reminder that I need to take care of myself in the midst of an injury. And as a self-employed writer—and a self-defined workaholic—that’s kind of hard to do.

It’s easy to take a break when you’ve got a few hours of down time during the day, or when you have a vacation schedule. It’s not so simple to do so when you want to work but can’t. When you have to do nothing. Oh, the dreaded doing of nothing at all!

So I’m bringing you some tips to help you cope with the times when you have to take some time off, and may have to work during a trial. Whether it’s a family emergency, a stubborn cold or even a busted up wrist, there comes times during this self-employment journey when you have to be the one to pace yourself before your body really retaliates.

Prioritize Your Workload. If you’re sick or injured, or need to take time off for another reason, it’s best to try to prioritize your workload so you can afford the time off. It’s not horrible to speak to a client about postponing a project, but I wouldn’t make a habit of it.


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