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How to Keep Track of Things to Remember

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Often a source will e-mail me a bit of information for an article after the interview, and I’ll think, “Oh, I’ll remember it’s here” and file it away in my assignment e-mail folder. But when I’m writing the article, do I actually remember that so-and-so sent me some extra details three weeks ago? No, I do not. So why is it that each time this situation comes up, I’m certain I’ll remember the information later? The smart thing to do would be to add the info right away to the interview transcript or article assignment sheet so I’ll see it when I start to write.


7 Tasks an Online Virtual Assistant Can Handle for You

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I’ve been working with an online virtual assistant for almost a year now. My current virtual assistant is a whiz at getting repetitive tasks off my desk and letting me focus on the creative work my clients pay me the big bucks for. If you’ve got a growing freelance practice, a virtual assistant may be able to help you handle the work load. These tasks are all relatively easy for virtual assistants to take on, letting you focus on landing and completing projects that pay.


5 Keys to Avoiding Social Media Fatigue

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It’s rare that you’ll see a well-rested, socially adjusted, and emotionally fulfilled individual publish rants to a blog or Twitter page. But if you take sleep, confidence, and satisfaction from the happiest of people you’ll quickly see sniveling, snapping beasts emerge.

They’re not evil. Just fatigued. Unfortunately, “I was tired” won’t fix the damage caused by unsightly outbursts. You can avoid many of their mistakes by putting the following into practice:


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