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Top 5 Apps to Edit Documents Online

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Good communication means a lot for freelancers. When you work on a project with several team members, you need good collaboration apps. Nowadays there are plenty of online document processing apps that make group work on documents much easier.

Let’s explore the top 5 online document editors: Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, Central Desktop, TeamLab, Zoho. Since all apps are unique and have significant distinctions, I will take into consideration some popular characteristics such as: sign-up process simplicity, document sharing, and free account availability.


10 Tips for Staying Productive During Vacation Time

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Category: Productivity
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Working from home, everyday is a vacation. Wrong! It’s equally important for freelancers working from home to take a vacation. You need a break as much as if you where working full-time on a factory floor, building houses, managing the cash register at your local mini-mart or working in an office.

We freelancers do have the ability to take a vacation when we feel the need for it, but guess what – often it’s an unpaid vacation with a lot of work when you get back from it. But there are ways to stay productive during vacation time, while fleeing the workload you have waiting at home.


30 Inherently Useful Tools

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Category: Productivity
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While not every tool on this list will be helpful for every freelancer, its overall aim is to provide you with resources that could help you significantly increase your productivity (do more…), get organized, work more efficiently, plan your to do items better, and maybe even save some money!

Useful Tools


Evernote is in the very first spot on this list because it’s awesome and it’s free! Whether it’s an App that will become a trustworthy companion or pleasant acquaintance will primarily depend upon your level of organization, but it’s undoubtedly worth a look! Click here for an in-depth review of Evernote for Mac.


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