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5 Surprisingly Simple Steps To Do More At Work & Play

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We’ve all said the words “I’d really like to…” followed by some personal or career ambition that often doesn’t get done. “I’d really like to write a book”, “I’d really like to be able to add illustration to my design skills”, or “I’d really like to learn to cook Thai food.”

And, of course, these statements are almost always followed by “if I had the time.” Here are five really easy things that are guaranteed to get you a lot closer to your ambitions (lets face it, if we didn’t have lofty ambitions we wouldn’t be reading this blog).

Get Up An Hour Earlier Every Morning

Even if you aren’t a morning person. Actually, let me amend that… especially if you’re not a morning person. Force yourself at first, and before long it will seem natural. I hate mornings, but I get up at 6:30 and (here’s the important bit) I start doing things right away. By 8:00, I’ve showered, had my morning coffee, and spent over an hour working on something (and it doesn’t have to be client work).

If you take your time and get up when you want, you set the pace for taking your time with everything.

Now, I know some of you are saying “Getting up earlier will just move my whole day forward an hour. How does that get more done?” The answer is all about inertia. If you take your time and get up when you want, you set the pace for taking your time with everything. By getting up earlier and starting in on something immediately, you’re setting a productive pace. Trust me, it’s as if I have an extra hour every day and the pace it sets for the day means I get even more done. Just try it. If you don’t like it I’ll give you your money back.


Uses of Systematization

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every field face a constant challenge to achieve and maintain a high level of productivity and quality in their work. One of the ways that you can improve your results is by development of systems or routines for various aspects of your work. Most likely you do some of the same things day-after-day and week-after-week. Having a proven system for getting these things done can bring several positive benefits. In this post we’ll look at why you would want to develop you own systems and some areas of freelancing life that lend themselves to systematization

Why Use Systems?

1. Maximum Productivity

The biggest advantage to developing and using systems in your work is the potential for improved efficiency and productivity. We all have limited time available to work, and as freelancers that directly impacts how much money we make. Improved productivity can lead to more income or less working hours, both are good things.

2. Development of Good Habits

We all develop habits of some kind, especially when we’re doing similar tasks over and over again. It’s easy to develop bad habits, especially since freelancers usually have no one to keep them accountable in the same way that an employee has a boss. By consciously developing your own systems or ways of doing things you’ll be able to work on developing good habits instead of bad ones.



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“I want you to feel like you’re going to die.”

That’s what the woman on my TV tells me every single day. Then again, I’m the one who’s putting her there.

It’s my workout DVD, and the scary yelly woman puts her hands on her hips and hollers at me to jump and kick and push and crunch and I cannot believe I paid eleven dollars for this.

As a freelance writer, this is often the beginning and the end of my physical movement for the day. Sometimes there is trudging up and down the stairs for water or gum or alcohol or other major sources of sustenance; sometimes I actually exit the house. But mostly, it’s me and Yelly.

Even though I can technically stop her any time I want, I fear it would be far worse should I actually decide to do so. I’m afraid she’ll somehow find out I hit pause in favor of hoisting some mashed potatoes to my face, and she will track me down, and she will show up on my doorstep with a yoga mat and a whip. And I’ve got enough problems trying to scrape together a living as a writer without this woman crouched down next to me, hissing “YOU BE A WOMAN!” as I utterly fail to hold a push-up position for a minute and a half.


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