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4 Steps to Better Filing

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I’ve inherited the hoarding gene. I hoard an unmanageable number of pieces of paper containing “useful” bits of information that I claim will one day be useful.

I’ve just come down to Sydney to visit my Dad in hospital, and after we took him home, I was graphically reminded where I inherited my hoarding. Hundreds of VCR tapes containing recorded television shows line the walls. Piles of books and magazines fill the spare room. Tons of unopened dog show prizes adorn his home. If hoarding was a sport, Dad would be in the Olympics!


4 Lessons that Helped Me Optimize My Workflow

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Finding the right workflow can make a tremendous difference in the productivity of a freelancer, and I have been working very hard at this over the last few weeks. I have made sure that there is enough time each day and each week to accomplish all of the tasks that I’m responsible for. And I’m learning when I’m most productive and have the most energy, and I have been using those times effectively to maximize productivity. But even with careful planning and the best of intentions, managing time and workflow can be a challenge. This week has been one of those times.


Refreshing Your Focus, Back-to-School Style

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Every year around this time, I think of all the kids heading back to school—and I still can’t believe I’m not one of them. But I do think freelancers can benefit from this important time of year when people get refocused on school and work, and “fall” into a more steady routine. While you may not be a pupil anymore, here are some ways to harness back-to-school time and make it work for your business.


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