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10 Reasons Why Working at the Library is Better than the Coffee Shop

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If you are a typical freelancer, your office may range from your home to your car to the local coffee shop. While I used to inhabit my local coffee shop—to the tune of having my drink waiting for me at the counter before I even got there—I am now a convert of working at my local library.


Top 10 PDF Tools to Improve Your Document Workflow

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We receive detailed business proposals, technical requirements, data sheets, specifications, portfolios, etc. The majority of these documents are PDF files. The popularity of the PDF format is easy to understand: it is readable on various devices, has pure content structure, and has limited editing options.

It’s clear why the PDF format has become a standard document type. But at the same time PDF file type advantages turn into its disadvantages – PDF files are hard to customize and annotate. However, there are several helpful PDF tools that edit, convert and create new PDF files easily.

Let’s t look at 10 affordable PDF Makers of four sorts: converters, printers, readers and creators.


Top 10 Free Online Storage Apps

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Cloud computing oppens new opportunities for freelancers. One of them is free online file synchronization and storage. Nowadays you can sync your PC files and manage your documents on the go. Share files with your employer or other freelancers. Make an online backup or roll back to previous file version. All these actions are possible with modern online file sharing applications.


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