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Meaningful Work: Lessons from Eat, Pray, Love

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Most of us who jump the corporate ship to be our own boss are looking for some kind of meaningful work and balance in our lives. We want to share our lives with our families, find our passions, and do what we love doing without all of the endless meetings, bureaucratic hoop jumping, and coworkers who grate every last nerve. It all sounds so perfect while plan our sojourn into solo bliss while we are walking along the endless line of cubicles

What happens often though is not unlike Liz Glibert’s experience in Eat, Pray, Love, we may be doing what we love, but we certainly aren’t experiencing the passion that we crave and we don’t have the balance in our lives that we were searching for. Most of us can’t chuck it all and travel for a year exploring our inner guru, but we can take some steps to finding the peace of mind we are searching for in our work and personal lives.

  • Be present. “If it’s a work day, work smart, work hard and work toward completion,” shares Monica Cost of Evidently Assured, a communications strategy and brand firm. “It is frustrating to leave work and not feel accomplished. When you’ve crossed important things off your to do list and done them well, it makes it easier to move on and be present in the next phase of your life; which may be time with your children or significant other.”
  • Care Deeply. You are doing this work because you have a passion for it, if you don’t have that anymore do the best you can to care deeply about the quality and your clients and that passion will guide you back.
  • Manage Client Expectations. “Keep work hours and don’t let your clients know that you are working later.” Deb Walker, of Contemporary-VA, a virtual assistant firm says, “Our clients will IM us if they think we are working at 2:00AM and then start to expect those kind of hours on a regular basis. We don’t need that kind of stress in our lives and it is up to us to manage those expectations.” By setting regular hours we are not only giving clear communication to our clients, but we are opening up time for ourselves.


Are You Giving Back to Your Community?

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You’ve been working like crazy all summer long, but you don’t have the time or the means to take the kind of vacation where you get to sit on a beach while someone regularly brings you ice cubes swimming in tequila.

Thursday has written how you can create an excellent experience by volunteering your skills for a local non-profit or charity.


What Was Your Biggest Success?

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I’m in the process of updating my portfolio (ok – technically I’m creating one, but that counts as an update, right?)

As I was reviewing my client list I started to think about each of the projects, and I thought it might be interesting to hear about yours.  One of my favorite things about buiznus is you can chat with someone that understands what you are going through.  My wife is an excellent listener, but after 30 minutes of telling her about keyword density, she gets a bit glassy-eyed.


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