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Finding Work

Harnessing Mailouts – A Complete How-To Guide to Email Marketing

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there are three main purposes for which you are going to use email marketing:

  1. Finding Your First Clients
  2. Staying in Touch with existing Clients
  3. Getting new work from existing Clients

In this article we are going to discuss the what, why, where, when of using email marketing, look at different products you can use including a review of MailChimp and then talk about the different types of mails you can send and look at some samples.

What the heck is a mailout?

A mailout is when you send an email to a large group of people. The email might be a newsletter, announcement, promotion or seasonal greeting, and the recipients in your case are generally going to be your clients, contacts, friends and family. If you are unfamiliar with this sort of marketing, you may wish to consult our Jargon-Buster at the end of the article to decode some words.


Getting Past Your Fear of Pitching

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Category: Finding Work
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Personally, I’ve held back many of my ideas for fear of looking foolish to the potential client, but certainly the big one for most is simply fear of rejection.

Because of my fears I’ve spent a lot of time only pitching articles that I knew would be accepted (mostly business stories for small trade publications) even though it means fewer jobs and nights working in a call center to pay the rent.

Then while reading newspapers and magazines on shift, I’d see articles, usually personal essays, that were less than impressive and couldn’t believe someone got paid to write that drivel.

“Why?” was always what I would ask.

There’s an obvious answer to that question: the writer pitched the story to the editor, the editor liked the idea, it went to print and the writer got paid.

The important thing is that the writer didn’t give in to their fear and instead just sent the story idea in. Overcoming fear of looking foolish or having the story rejected. And often that’s just what needs to be done to get work.


Taking Care of Your Internet Person

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Category: Finding Work
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It’s easy to forget that Google works not just on finding big companies, blogs, shopping sites and all the other myriad search queries we hit daily, but that it can also be used to find all the down’n'dirty on people too – that MySpace page you forgot about, those crazy Flickr party shots or that ranting blog you write everyday. This is particularly true if, like me you spend most of your life online. Now if it’s just your mate looking you up that’s not really a problem, but what if it is one of your clients, your employer or heck your future father-in-law? In that case you had better make sure your internet persona is what it should be…

If you write anything on the net, you must be prepared for a prospective client or employer to read it (and for that matter your friends, partner and mother). Unfortunately, many activities can come off as unprofessional and may lose you work. So the first thing you should do is run what is known as a vanity search, hit (or whatever search engine you prefer) and type in anything you think people might use to find you. Some names get lost in the masses, but others will stick out like sore thumbs … like my name!


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