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Finding Work

Boost Business with 4 Old School Marketing Tactics

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Everyone’s focused on the digital world these days, and rightfully so. There’s always a new technology rolling out and its exciting to be amazed at what our favorite gadgets can do.

But when it comes to customer service and getting clients, you’ve got to integrate the old with the new. Why? Not all clients are using things like social media. And even those that do may appreciate–and respond better to–”old school” techniques. Here are four big ones you may not be leveraging.


Is Your Business Tech-Oriented or People-Focused?

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handFor many freelancers I know, social media is all-encompassing. We love to tweet about everything from our latest blog post to our favorite brand of coffee. Then there is the other group that never miss an industry workshop and seem to spend more of their time traveling than at home. There are many different types of freelancers and businesses—which type is yours?

In his latest book, The Referral Engine, author John Jantsch has a very interesting section where he talks about what he deems are two different approaches: There’s the business that relies on social marketing, email newsletters, blogs, and online communities—the techies; the other is built around face-to-face networking, print collateral, workshops, and seminars.


Are You Red-flagging the Wrong Prospects?

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red flag

Are you always on the lookout for bad clients? Knowing what to recognize ahead of time can save you tons of grief, wasted time, money, and frustration. But it can also make you jaded and keep you from exploring otherwise valuable client relationships. Are you being too picky about the clients you take on?

Most of us know the tell-tale signs of a bad client. Many freelancers stay away from penny-pinchers, online auction sites, start-ups, or clients that ask for work on spec. While some of those can be deal-breakers, are we being too picky and missing out on the good stuff?


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