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Finding Work

Want More Clients? Just Ask!

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One of the ways that many freelancers get new clients is simply by asking.

And one of the ways to do that is to email companies and offer your services. To do this, an effectively written letter—similar to a cover letter you’d use to get a job—is all that you need.

Here are some tips to creating an effective solicitation letter that can yield to freelance projects.


Why Funnel Marketing Doesn’t Work

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It is easy to see why “the marketing funnel” is such a popular concept. Marketing is a process we use to extract a small stream of prospects and clients from a vast sea of strangers. So many writers and speakers use the funnel model to describe the process: that large crowd of potential customers at the wide end, and those select few, our actual customers, at the narrow end.

Visual images can be powerful tools to help us understand complex ideas, or to simplify sequences and processes so they are easier to work with. But they also can mislead, if the chosen image does not accurately reflect the concept in question. That’s what happens with “the marketing funnel.”

Marketing Is Not a Funnel

Marketing and sales are not funneling processes, no matter how visually appealing that image may be. As alluded to above, the process of marketing is one of narrowing the field, of sifting out the undesirable or unpromising candidates, of eliminating the chaff. It is rather like panning for gold, where you wash away a lot of worthless stuff to come up with a few precious nuggets — nuggets you can live off of.


How to Use Old-School Techniques to Get New Clients

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It’s an online world. It seems like everyone blogs, everyone’s on Twitter, everyone has a website. Paper resumes are a thing of the past; everyone sends their job qualifications by email now. Resumes themselves are going archaic among freelancers, who are more likely to have a portfolio to showcase their skills instead.

What’s more, we’re all obsessed with keeping up with the latest in online technology. If there’s a new social media trend, we jump to get on it or debate whether it’s a business-savvy use of our time. It’s vital that we keep up with what’s new.

Maybe it’s time to reverse that trend.


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