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Finding Work

Are You Spending Enough Time on Your Own Website?

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I like to work on fantastic projects with my clients, to help them showcase the level of service that one can expect from them and the attention to detail they put into their work.  I’m very good at helping others do this, but for my own website – not so much.  My blog updates are few and far between – which is funny, since I am writing posts or articles for 6-8 different sites.

You probably know the adage – the shoemakers children go barefoot.  You’re so busy helping your current and future clients showcase their wares that you don’t have time to spend on your own website.


How to Upsell Your Services

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Are you doing anything to develop your current clients into bigger clients?  Do you have a few small clients that you enjoy working with, but they aren’t giving you quite enough work to keep you busy?   You might think I spent a bit too long working under the golden arches, but I think it’s better, and easier, to develop the clients you like working with instead of finding new ones. It pays to learn how to upsell.

Here are a few ways to to upsell and turn a small client into a bigger client:

  • Offer Referral Fees – Give something back to your client for every time they refer a new client.  I offer a one hour discount on their next project, which should provide additional value as my rates increase over the years.
  • Look for Opportunities – If you see something that you can do to help your client be successful, share that with your client.  If you’re a writer, a contest might be good tool.  Outline what you can do and how it will benefit them.  If you’re a designer, take a look at their current collateral – is it in line with their graphics standards?  If you’re a coder, is their website doing everything it should be doing?


How Do You Do Self Promotion?

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Self promotion is something we all do in one way or another, some of us do it by blogging (like me), some do it via communities and some even do it while walking down the street. But is there a good way to self-promote or is it harder than it looks?  To promote yourself is one of the easiest and most difficult things you can do. Promotion tends to cost money but there are ways we can do it affordably yet effectively.


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