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Finding Work

Measuring Service: Quantifying Your Experience for Maximum Impact

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As you build your freelance business, you get the satisfaction of touting the work you have already done when talking to new prospects for your services. Demonstrating that you have experience delivering the services your prospects are looking for can make all the difference in landing that next project.

Make sure you tally up that experience so that you can present it with maximum impact.


Keeping Clients: Ongoing Clients & Agency Work

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By definition, the word “freelancer” implies that you are self-employed take on several projects from multiple parties. Many freelancers find this sort of a glamorous life, but in a sense I have to argue against it. In fact, there’s not too much that is desirable about scraping for food. And until your business is built up—that takes years, not months—there’s got to be a better way.

On-Going Clients

Luckily there is. It’s called ongoing clients. By this, I mean that you get several projects from one client. Clients like this are usually marketing or advertising agencies and farm out work to contractors, but they can include creative agencies that help you get jobs directly from companies. Ongoing work can also be in the form of a part-time job, work you complete on a regular basis.

Are you still a freelancer if you work regularly for a client or work part-time, but not on a full-time basis? That’s up to you, but as someone who has several clients that provide continuous work, I can tell you that using this model makes things much more financially comfortable. And because money does matter (especially if you need to make a living off what you do) it’s only practical to consider this type of work. Add it to your roster of one-time clients and you’ve got yourself a budding business.


3 Steps To A Killer Freelance Social Media Process

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You began with a glorious hallucination of what social media was going to do for your business, social life, and even writing ability. You tweeted, facebooked, and smothered Linked-in contacts with glowing recommendations. You commented on all the top blogs in your niche and dutifully updated your own blog on-schedule. You may have even dropped a few hundred dollars to listen to others tell you how to tweet, facebook, and smother.


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