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Finding Work

The Pros and Cons of Being a Subcontractor

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Previous blog posts have extolled the time-saving benefits of subcontracting. Sure, if you’re the person subcontracting work, it can help boost your income, keep clients happy, and prevent from you turning away new work even when you’re busy. But is it a sweet deal for the subcontractor, too?


6 Steps to Landing Local Jobs

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Freelancing online seems to be all the rage, but making connections in our own cities might provide projects that are bigger, more high profile, and lead to more consistent work.

Landing local jobs might take a different strategy than landing projects online, one that is more about being seen in person and making real life connections.

6 Steps to Landing a Job in Your Hometown

Business Cards Matter. You have to have a printed business card. Everywhere I go people ask me for my card and although it would be great to just give them my Twitter handle they need it in print. Not to mention that folks with brick and mortar businesses like to know that you are serious about your work and aren’t just some guy working out of your spare bedroom. Have cards printed that have all of your pertinent information – name, phone, email, website, Facebook page, and Twitter name – and hand them to everyone you meet.


How to Get Noticed – and Get Hired!

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If you want to get hired, you have to position yourself. When you clearly communicate what makes you different, you make it easier to get noticed by your prospects.

Strong and relevant differentiation greatly increases the number of inquiries you get. It also helps you land a larger percentage of the prospects who contact you. Differentiation is especially important when you provide services that are more transactional in nature. In other words, services that companies in your target market are already buying.


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