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Dealing with Clients

Coping with Client Fallout

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I recently had a project that did not end well. In a nutshell, the client refused to work with me to revise his copy and simply insisted he didn’t like it. He didn’t even give me the chance to improve upon it. Without his effort, I was left to retort to the middleman who brought us together. Even though that relationship blossomed because we both realized this particular client wasn’t our ideal type, I was still left with a bad taste in my mouth regarding the sour client.

Sometimes, you work with people that refuse to work with you. They give you little direction and expect miracles. And even when you flex your customer service muscle and offer to help, there’s no getting through to this type of person. Or you may have worked with a client that treated you poorly.


Are You Quick to Ditch?

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One of my favorite shows on television is called “Flipping Out,” and it’s about a California house flipper with obsessive-compulsive disorder named Jeff. He drives everyone nuts and is, let’s just say, extremely detail oriented.

In one of the episodes, his assistant talks about dealing with Jeff’s ups and downs. She says that sometimes you “take it.” Meaning, in any job there will be things you don’t like—and sometimes you have to just accept it. Sometimes, you take it. Not all the time, but sometimes.


4 Ways to Kill Scope Creep

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Some clients just keep asking for a little more: a four page website design can turn into a design plus copy or even a design plus copy plus marketing. It often happens just a little request at a time, as the scope of the project creeps ever larger. Scope creep isn’t always an entirely bad thing, of course. As long as your clients are willing to pay for the work that goes along with a bigger project, it can be beneficial. Depending on the situation, there are several responses you can offer to a client with a case of scope creep.


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