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Dealing with Clients

The Components of a Successful Client Relationship

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Working with clients is a tough job but someone has to do it, and most of the time it’s us! While the concept of giving your clients exactly what they ask for seems a daunting task, I’ve come to accept that there are certain invaluable truths which freelancers need to underpin. It’s an unfortunate fact of nature that we will all suffer at the wrath of a bad client at some stage, but using the following five essential rules, you can build a client relationship that makes the most of your abilities.


Reconsidering Gifts for Clients: Are Client Gifts Appropriate?

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I’ve mentioned a few times that I am still a bit new to freelancing, but I have been lucky enough to have established some outstanding clients, online and offline.

I have enough clients to pay my bills and put away a bit of cash each month to help me prepare for future lean months (Amber Leigh Turner did a great post here on creating a paycheck template).  I have enough clients to understand which ones are OK clients, and which ones are excellent.  The OK clients might have bigger budgets occasionally, but they seem to be sporadic and hard to predict.  And their payment practices may not be the most favorable within the freelance world.  The excellent clients are the ones that have a regular project on a monthly basis.  It might not be the biggest budget, but they aren’t grinding you for every dollar spent.   The excellent clients seem to know what they want, appreciate that you are an expert, and let you do your thing.  And they pay–quickly.


Picking a Job Title on Business Cards

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In the business world, you have the freedom to put whatever you want on your business card.  The job position you choose will show your audience a glimpse of what they can expect from you and your company.

We’ve shared some templates for you to create your own business card, and some great examples of unique business cards, but what you call yourself is as important as the visual appeal of your card.


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