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Discovering and Focusing on High Leverage Business Tasks

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OK, I know, “high leverage” is a cliché, and I am sorry for using this term. But at the same time it’s the one that perfectly describes the message I have for you today.

And the message is: do what matters, quit the meaningless.

If you’re a freelancer, an online business owner, or a blogger then just stop for a minute, and be honest with yourself… is it really possible that everything you do in your business is the absolute highest leverage stuff you could (and should) be doing?

Can it be that some of your tasks are truly meaningless?

To find out, first let’s talk about: What high leverage activities are. As in, let’s define them.

In finance (as Wikipedia teaches us), leverage is a general term for any technique to multiply gains and losses.

We can use this definition to understand high leverage activities as well. So in essence, high leverage activities are everything you can do to multiply your current effects.


What Do I Do When My Client Will Not Pay Up?

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Speaking from experience, I have written for a number of sites over 22 years as a freelance contractor and can happily say 95 percent of those bosses paid me on time.

That being said, there is always that one individual or company that goes about hanging you out to dry, saying in essence the check is in the mail. Boy, haven’t we all heard that line a time or two in our lives?

I, along with a number of other freelancers, would be left holding dozens of invoices that we had submitted for payment.

A freelance agreement between writer and publisher should be entered into on more than just a handshake.


Harnessing The Power of Proposals

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Being a freelancer by nature, I’ve learned early on that producing great work is only half the battle. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve sat idly by clicking the refresh button on my email client, waiting to hear from the prospective client that my bid has been accepted.

If you don’t get the job, you don’t have any work. Although confident that my portfolio could convince even the most skeptic decision makers, too many exiting and interesting projects were slipping through my fingertips.

Rather than continuing to allow great prospects to drift over to an unknown competitor, I put my problem-solving abilities to work to correct a flaw in my business structure. What I discovered is that while portfolios are a good start, a well written proposal is the icing on the cake that seals the deal on sales, turning that hopeful shot in the dark into a trusting client that is excited to hire you.

While a good portfolio peaks a prospect’s interest in your work, they can often be left with a feeling of uncertainty if that is the only basis they have in choosing you. A customized proposal will show the client exactly how your work history applies to their specific needs.


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