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4 Strategic, Lessons Learned in Business School

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It surprises most people when they find out that I am double majoring in Graphic Design and Marketing. They understand it is a great pairing, and that they can go hand in hand, but when they hear “marketing” they think my course is tailored to just marketing. It isn’t.

Being a business student, I had to take courses in all the other concentrations my university offered, such as accounting, management, and finance. While some of my fellow business students feel that learning about these subjects may not pertain to them and the field they plan to go into, I feel different. I have learned quite a few things in my business classes that I also use in my freelancing. What are some of those lessons?


10 Reasons Why Freelancing is the Best Job Security

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Many people dream of having the autonomy of freelancing, but cite job security as being the thing that keeps them from leaving their job. Often, in that conversation, they’ll use a phrase like “especially in this economy.”

That’s simply wrong. In this economy, the greatest asset you have is your talent.

It’s not that complicated, really. If you’re talented at what you do, and there’s a need for that talent, then you’ll always be able to find work. The end.


12 Tricks for Optimizing

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optimizeThe day and life of a freelancer can get pretty hectic. It seems all too often we forget that we hold more than the title “boss”. We forget how best to manage our expenses and disposable income. We remember to tweet what we should be doing and forget to ever do it. We forget how to deal with clients and how to make new ones. And, sadly, we forget why we choose to do it our way rather than someone else’s.

These 12 tricks may not seem to have much to do with each other, but they all lead to the fruition of one goal: optimizing your workflow so you can focus on why you became a freelancer, instead of letting freelancing take over you.

1. Get Ready For the Day

Quit waking up at noon. No more leaving your laptop right next to your bed so you can lazily stay in bed until 2pm, only getting up to use the restroom.

Try doing this for a week: wake up at 8am (latest), take a shower, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, put on a polo shirt and for God’s sakes put on some pants. The more serious something is, the more appropriately we should dress for it. Never forget that you’re a boss – start acting like one.


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