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5 Ways to Build Amazing Client Karma (And Boost Your Business)

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Client relationships are perhaps the most important aspect of your business. Clients pay your bills, refer you to other potential clients, open up opportunities, and help your business grow. Your success in both the present and the future is directly tied to the amount of love and loyalty you get from your clients. So learn to treat these relationships with care, and consider these 5 ways to build amazing client karma:

1) Add Project Value (Even On Your Own Dollar)

Rarely do clients have the budget for you to get their project as “perfect” as it can be. Sometimes, they have to cut back on design elements, content, or back-end functionality. With that in mind, be willing to give a certain amount of extra value even after their budget ends. It doesn’t have to be a great amount, or even for every project, but allow yourself an hour or two beyond the project cutoff to get it just right. Most clients will notice and you’ll set yourself apart from the typical freelancer who doesn’t work one second past the budget.


5 Steps to Making the Switch from Side Gig to Full Time Professional

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transion1. Play it Smart. The more you plan, the easier it will be for you to make the switch from side-gig to full time professional. Finances are definitely something you should look into and plan for. It may be very possible that you see a drop in income while making the shift.

If you plan for it in advance, it will be much easier to handle. Talk to others who have made a similar career switch and ask them what they did right… and more importantly, what they wish they had done differently. Heed their advice! Blogs such as Escape From Cubicle Nation and Anywired can also provide support and advice.

2. Gather the Troops. Any type of career change is a big move, but switching from employee to freelancer is perhaps one of the greatest moves. And like all great moves, it requires support. So, gather the spouse and kids. Let them know your plans and ask for their help. This can be your greatest asset when making such a transition.

3. Network. First, call up past clients and let them know that you are now a full-time freelancer and would appreciate their business. It’s also a great idea to follow up the calls by mailing them your new business cards and a thank you note. Remember that little things go a long way when starting your own practice. Next, create a list of groups where you can go out and network. Networking takes time and practice, but it also serves two purposes. One, it’s a great marketing tool. Two, it allows you gain confidence in your new identity as freelancer.


9 Tips to Get Old-School Organised with a Filing Cabinet

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I have the memory of a fish, things go in one ear and straight out the other. So it’s comforting to me that my filing cabinet remembers all the things that I forget.

Though life is getting more digital by the day, nothing beats having an ordered set of physical files that you can actually thumb through, a place where hard drive failures and viruses have no jurisdiction.

Sure filing cabinets may not be the sexiest office equipment you ever buy, but a good cabinet is like the super hero sidekick you always wished you had.

Here are 9 tips to get your filing cabinet kicking butt and taking names:


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