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6 Places to Beat the Heat

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It’s officially fall, but for much of my country, it’s still hot! If your freelance business is based in a home office you may be trying to work in unseasonable heat or humidity. Without air conditioning, slaving away over a hot laptop can be rough. Here are a few home office alternatives to beat the heat:



College or university libraries may not be ice-cold but often they have air conditioning. Check first to make sure non-students are allowed in. Local municipal libraries are also a great option, especially if they have free wifi.

Coffee Shops

Your local coffee shop with air conditioning is always an option. It’s great to work near a source of delicious coffee, but the downside is you often have to keep drinking it. Rather ironic if you’re trying to cool off. The upside is that many places have free wifi.

The Laundry Room

Call me crazy, but I have worked downstairs in my building’s laundry room. It’s cool and quiet during the work day because everyone is at work. My wifi network is also accessible. I just roll my freelance office (a chair and a laptop) downstairs and get to work at a folding table.

The Mall

I’ve never tried this, but as the mercury rises, it’s something I’m considering. There is an icy food-court near me. Much more of the weather in my city and I’ll be heading there. Headphones to drown out the sound of screaming children will be a must though.

At a Client’s Office

This could be the last resort of the desperate. I don’t know anyone freelancers working onsite at a client’s office, but this might be an option for some. For tax purposes and good client relations, just be aware of what constitutes freelance vs contracted employee behavior.

Other Alternatives

Freelance work spaces (i.e. co-working) that charge by the hour are one alternative. And of course, giving in and buying an air conditioner is another option, although it’s a pricey one. If you can write off the cost as an expense, it may be worth it.

On the bright side, most of us probably only have a few weeks of hot weather left to contend with. What’s your favorite seasonal place to work?

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