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How Do You Find Free Time?

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Sometimes being a freelancer means finding ways to get the most out of your 168 hours each week.  This probably applies to everyone, but it seems that freelancers have to worry more about self promotion, client billing, finding clients, and having a life.


To get more done each week, some will:

  • Sacrifice sleep
  • Give up on family life
  • Let your work standards slip
  • Employ a virtual/physical assistant
  • Use plug-ins and extensions to turn off internet distractions
  • Use available tools to maximize productivity while maintaining creativity

What are some of the tricks that you a have learned to help you get the most out of your week? What do you do with your hard-won free time?

I’m still struggling to find the right work/life balance, so I’m hoping I can learn a bit from the great minds here at buiznus.com.   Thanks for sharing!

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