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Top 10 PDF Tools to Improve Your Document Workflow

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We receive detailed business proposals, technical requirements, data sheets, specifications, portfolios, etc. The majority of these documents are PDF files. The popularity of the PDF format is easy to understand: it is readable on various devices, has pure content structure, and has limited editing options.

It’s clear why the PDF format has become a standard document type. But at the same time PDF file type advantages turn into its disadvantages – PDF files are hard to customize and annotate. However, there are several helpful PDF tools that edit, convert and create new PDF files easily.

Let’s t look at 10 affordable PDF Makers of four sorts: converters, printers, readers and creators.


PDF Converters

Free PDF to Word Doc Converter

HelloPDF or Free PDF to Word Doc Converter is perfect freeware for PDF to Word format conversion. Select a PDF file, click the Convert button and you get a completely editable Word file. The resulting Word file quality of this little free software is close to pricey document converters. Free PDF to Word Doc Converter is definitely helpful freeware that should be installed on a freelancer’s PC.

AVS Document Converter

AVS Document Converter is a handy document viewer with built-in PDF to DOCX file conversion feature. As a multi-format converter, it converts PDF files into editable Word format docs and enables you to edit documents in your favorite Office application, such as: Microsoft Office, Open Office, or Google Docs. Besides, the software extracts images from PDF files, adds watermarks to output files, compresses, prints, emails PDF documents and protects PDF files with a password.

PDF Printers

CutePDF Writer

CutePDF Writer (or formerly CutePDF Printer) is freeware that converts various documents to PDF format. It embeds into print settings so you can simply select CutePDF to get a PDF file. The software is simple and cannot boast extra features, but it does the main job well.


doPDF is a free PDF printer. It installs in printer settings and converts files to PDF format with one click. It smoothly processes Word files, text files and converts documents with hyperlinks. Unfortunately, good quality spreadsheet to PDF conversion turns out to be a complicated task for doPDF.

PDF Readers

Adobe PDF Reader

Adobe PDF Reader is a free PDF reader that is considered to be the industry standard. It’s distinguished by a quality interface, solid PDF viewing space, and commenting. You can add comments, highlight text, make snapshots and email PDF documents with this software.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a great free alternative to Adobe Reader. Clean cut design, simple navigation, a feature-rich application toolbar, and a high quality PDF viewer are key factors of Foxit Reader’s success. Along with standard reader options like: full screen mode, printing, document emailing, Foxit Reader reveals it’s a real treasure. It has advanced annotation features such as endnotes, bookmarks, comments, snapshots, drawing, highlighting and much more. That’s why Foxit Reader is a suitable tool for freelancers who do a lot of text proof-reading.

PDF Creators

Infix PDF Editor

Infix PDF Editor is a powerful PDF editor. It allows you to edit PDF files as if they are regular Word documents. Infix PDF Editor resembles Open Office and enables you to edit practically everything in a PDF file: edit text, delete unnecessary paragraphs, improve text formatting, add new pages, copy and paste images or text, etc.

PDF Split and Merge

PDF Split and Merge is an open source PDF maker. The software rotates, splits, merges, and reorders PDF files. You can compose brand new PDF documents on the basis of the current PDF version. Moreover, PDF Split and Merge enables you to extract and compress PDF pages.

jPDF Tweak

jPDF Tweak is an open source PDF creator. It merges, splits, rotates and re-orders PDF files. Besides, it helps to change PDF file information and chapter bookmarks. The software is free, but not very user-friendly. Yet the tool is full of useful features.


PDFCreator converts files to PDF format. The open source PDFCreator goes beyond simple PDF printing and easily creates PDF documents out of photos. The process is very intuitive: drag and drop your photos, click “Export to PDF” and enjoy a fine PDF photo file.

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